Blackjack has been popular and evolving for centuries, and is the favorite of the most experienced gamblers. In order to win during the game it is important to maintain a strategy, both in the physical and online version, but as a first step it is necessary to have clear rules.

Basic strategy

Basic Blackjack strategy is very simple to understand and apply, as long as we do not neglect the importance of preparing and understanding the rules and the dealer before starting. There are some tricks that even beginner players can put into practice that will be explained later in this article, but it is good to start from the beginning to be able to better apply the strategies and tricks to play Blackjack.

To put it shortly, the best strategy for beginners is to bet less at first and then slowly increase the bet as you win, to get the biggest winnings and minimize losses.

Knowing blackjack


Blackjack is usually played with six or eight decks and the main objective is to beat the dealer by getting the number closest to 21 but not exceeding it. Each card represents its face value, but the face cards are worth 10 and the Ace cards can be worth 1 or 11, depending on the bettor’s preference.

The game starts with the bets; then the croupier deals the cards, giving the bettors two cards face up, and himself only one card. To win, you not only have to get close to 21 blackjacks, but you also have to beat the dealer’s hand.

For example, if any player gets a 21 on the first roll, he will automatically win the hand, as long as the dealer did not get the same.


Blackjack live
  1. Know when to leave the table: it is important to establish a profit limit, so as not to get carried away by enthusiasm and avoid unnecessary losses; a loss limit, so as not to lose extra money due to frustration; and a time limit, because sometimes it is just a matter of having a bad day.
  1. Have a reference number: a good strategy is to stand when the sum of the cards reaches 17, although the croupier must always be taken into account. That is, if the dealer has a low card, it would be better to stand before exceeding 12-13.
  1. Choose tables that pay 3 to 2: all casinos have several types of different dynamics, some more modern than others. But for beginners it is recommended to choose a table that pays 3 to 2 and with a low minimum bet.
  1. Study: the house -both in the physical version and in the online casino- will always have an advantage but it can be reduced by knowing them thoroughly. Do not play in isolation but pay attention to the patterns.
  1. Practice: the best way to improve your strategy is to play. For this there are free online blackjack tables and demo versions in online casinos, not only to improve your agility with the numbers of the cards, but also to learn the different possible dynamics. 

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