Chelsea is regarded as one of the best football clubs of the 21st century. The club has won 18 significant titles in 18 years which is the best outcome among English teams. After the appearance of the new owner Roman Abramovich in 2003, the aftermath of this club is going upwards. Abramovich purchased Chelsea for 233 million and from that point forward the blues made plenty of amazing signings. In this article, we will check out Chelsea’s main 5 best signings ever. By the way, there is a good opportunity for football fans as they can make bets on PlayAmo Casino.

Petr Cech from Rennes to Chelsea – 2004 (7 mil)

  Petr Cech is viewed as probably one of the best players in Chelsea history. In addition, He is arguably the best goalkeeper in Premier League history also. In 2004, Chelsea made an exchange bid for Petr in January which was dismissed. Nonetheless, Rennes agreed to sell Petr in the summer transfer season. Chelsea purchased Cech for 7 million and he is the most expensive goalkeeper for Chelsea to this day. Carlo Cudicini was Chelsea’s main goalkeeper around then. After he received a serious injury, Cech capitalized on this opportunity and from that point forward ensured his place in Chelsea’s main squad. He had many astonishing seasons with Chelsea, winning 14 significant trophies and an individual record: 21 clean sheets in a season and just 15 conceded goals. His most memorable performance was in 2012 when he assisted the Blues in winning their first Champions League title.

N’golo Kante from Leicester to Chelsea – 2016 (32 mils)

 N’golo Kante is one of the most valuable players in Chelsea at present. Prior to Chelsea’s exchange, he used to play for Leicester, where he managed to win his first PL trophy against all odds. After transferring to Chelsea for 32 million, the Frenchman instantly turned into a key part of the team. With his extraordinary work rate on the pitch, Kante assisted the club in winning the Premier League championship in season 2016/17. His most important games were in the Champions League 2021, where N’golo played an important part to get the triumph in the semifinals and finals.

Eden Hazard from Lille to Chelsea – 2012 (32 mils)

 The Belgian magician used to be Chelsea’s most valuable man from 2012 to 2019, as he assisted the Blues with winning numerous prizes and remaining on top. Hazard signed with Chelsea in 2012 and from that point forward scored 100 goals in 350 games. The Belgian won with Chelsea 2 Europe Leagues in 2013 and 2019, 2 Premier League prizes, and 1 Fa Cup. Even though Hazard didn’t prevail in the Champions League campaign a few times, he is still considered to be one of the best players ever to play for the Blues.

Didier Drogba from Marseille to Chelsea – 2004 (24 mil)

  Didier Drogba is arguably Chelsea’s best player ever. This Ivory native signed an agreement with Chelsea in 2004. Numerous specialists and even Chelsea Management were worried about this choice because Drogba wasn’t viewed as a world class player at the time and he was 27. Chelsea’s director Jose Mourinho was confident with his choice. As it shows up now, Jose Mourinho was 100 percent right. Didier progressed quickly and won all significant prizes in Chelsea and scored over 150 goals for the Blues. His most essential game was against Bayern Munich in the 2012 Champions League finals. Drogba delivered a late equalizer and scored the last penalty to get a historic success for Chelsea as it was their first Champions League trophy.

Frank Lampard from West Ham to Chelsea – 2001 (11 mils)

Chelsea signings

  This is without a doubt Chelsea’s best signing ever. Frank Lampard joined Chelsea in 2001. Under the management of Jose Mourinho, Chelsea with Frank prevailed to win 2 back to back PL championships which was a really astounding accomplishment at that point. In 2005, Lampard got second place in the Ballon d’Or rankings just behind prime Ronaldinho. In general, Lampard managed to win 13 significant championships with Chelsea and a lot of Individual awards.

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